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Powerless by Jacqueline Pretty Review


Powerless by Jacqueline Pretty Review

Powerless by Jacqueline Pretty is a very gripping science fiction novel that takes you into the realms of superhuman abilities as well as genetic mutations. It introduces its readers with a world that has infinite possibilities and new wonders. The story of this novel revolves around a 16 years old teenager Hanna Super who finds herself without superpowers despite having the super gene because of the genetic mutation. The lack of superpowers makes her the black sheep in her family and despite her efforts to unlock the abilities she is rejected by her father.

Rejected by her father, Hanna took to a journey of self-discovery as well as survival as she is navigating in the world that has been dominated by the super humans. In this journey she faces the Russian mob plus she also unleashes the dark side of her father’s past. As Hanna discovers the hidden history of her family, she learns how important is honesty and resilience. She also understands the true meaning of power.

This book has combined different elements of adventure, mystery and science fiction to delve into a theme like the pursuit of power, ethics of genetic modification and dynamics of the family relationships. Jacqueline Pretty’s writing is very appealing and she keeps the readers engaged with vivid descriptions and awesome narrative that is well-paced. She has introduced compelling characters specially Hanna which makes the story more interesting. The central theme of Powerless revolves around the identity as well as belonging. Despite not having the super powers, Hanna has learned that the true power lies in the qualities like courage, kindness and being true to yourself. The plot also explores the influence of corruption and using the power to help other apart from seeking dominance.

On a conclusive note, we can say that Powerless by Jacqueline Pretty is a staggering science fiction novel that has got different elements like adventure, self-discovery and power pursuit. It has got a very thought-provoking theme as well as very well crafted characters. The storytelling is very captivating as well. The book provides an immersive reading experience that impresses readers of all ages. Powerless by Jacqueline Pretty is highly recommended to the ones who are seeking a thrilling journey into genetic mutation world.

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