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Transformative Awakening by Caleb Birch

Transformative Awakening by Caleb Birch

Spirituality is term that is normally associated with the religious beliefs and many people believe that thee two are inseparable. On the other hand, astronomers, writers, musicians and astrophysicists have also sparked a sense of spirituality in us through their deep understandings as well as creative expressions. The book, Transformative Awakening – Thoughts on Spiritual Progression by Caleb Birch challenges the notion of spirituality tied to the religion and connects it to understanding of brain.

Caleb Birch dives into neuroscience and the current knowledge that we have about consciousness while sharing his personal experiences with superior states.  He claims that cultivating as well as experimenting spiritual states can improve quality of our lives greatly. With logical reasoning, crystal clear explanations and with a little touch of humor, the author explores antagonistic topics that deserves serious thought even if the readers disagree with the perspective of Birch.

Spiritual enlightenment concept is pretty difficult to define but it encompasses consistent awareness of the world motivations and emotions. It is a state of mind where love prevails and present moment becomes all-encompassing. Through this book, Birch invites its readers to examine the nonstop torrent of thoughts that dominate our minds and influence our daily life routine. The author emphasizes importance of self-awareness and freeing up ourselves from illusion of inner-self controlling our actions and thoughts. He suggests that the minds can have various different and enhanced conscious experiences, regardless of our emotional states.

Caleb Birch makes a clear distinction between spirituality as well as religion, highlighting that one can inclined spiritually without adhering to a particular religion or believing in higher being. For the author, spirituality is something about recognizing as well as connecting with one’s true self, rather than relying on the existence of heavenly realm. This book is less than 100 pages but its impact extends far beyond its length. The thoughtful ideas presented in this book will leave the readers pondering as well as reflecting long after they have finished reading. This book is highly recommended for the ones who are looking forward to explore the depths of their own awareness.

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