The Best Kindles for On-the-Go Reading

Kindles are compact devices that provides simplicity and reliability and they can have a big library of thousands of books. You can enjoy reading books at any time and at any place. Kindles have got a month-long battery life after one charge. You can read unlimited books from Amazon or can access free books from your local library. Are you curious about the best Kindle for you? If yes then our guide will help you make the perfect choice.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2021 11th generation)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Among many Kindle options I think, Paperwhites tops the chart. These are waterproof e-readers which now comes in three different models. It gives a tough competition to expensive Oasis. All the three variants of Paperwhite have got a large 6.8-inch screens with slimmer bezels. They have got brighter displays at maximum settings plus have got warm lighting. The Signature edition has got auto-adjusting brightness which is based on your surroundings. It has got faster page-turn rate which has eliminated delays while reading. When it comes to storage, the Signature Edition provides 32GB and on the other hand Standard edition has got 8GB of storage. The difference in storage is significant but 8GB can also store more than 5,000 books. Signature edition is ideal if you prefer audiobooks as they tend to take more space. However, if you want to save some bucks you can declutter your backlog as you can delete the book from your device without deleting it from your Amazon account. 2021 Paperwhites have also got USB-C charging and it has also got wireless charging support in Signature edition.


Amazon Kindle (2022, 11th Generation)

Amazon Kindle (2022, 11th Generation)


With all the latest Kindle models, there are not much of the differences, letting you to select the model based on your preferred price. The 2022 update has brought the refreshed version of base Kindle which is priced at $100, thus making it the most suitable option. This model has been equipped with 6-inch screen. It is 6.2-inch tall and 4.3-inches wide. This size is similar to the newly introduced Kindle Kids. Compared to the previous model, Amazon Kindle 2022 11th Generation’s price is $10 more but it also provides double the storage i.e. the storage is upgraded from 8GB to 16GB. The resolution of the screen is 300 pixel-per-inch (PPI). Like Paperwhite models, it has also got USB-C port and charging is very easy.

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019, 10th Generation)

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019, 10th Generation)

Amazon Kindle Oasis has got a sleek aluminum design and it has got a distinctive ridge on one edge and physical buttons for easy page-turning. The design of Oasis makes it perfect for comfy one-handed reading. It has also been equipped with light-up display that provides natural appearance and it adjusts the brightness for comfortable viewing automatically. It is a water-resistant device which has got a faster processor. It has got comparatively large 7-inch touchscreen.

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