The Killing Kind by Sarah K. Stephens Review – Thrilling Insanity Unleashed

The Killing Kind by Sarah K. Stephens_2

The Killing Kind by Sarah K. Stephens_2

The Killing Kind by Sarah K. Stephens is a thrilling novel that delves into various characters, beginning with a college professor named Trina who is battling with the tragic loss of her fiancé. She seeks peace in crashing the weddings and also engaging with casual fights with the strangers. However, the world of Trina is toppled when her most recent target Dermot is found dead. Trina was the last person seen with Dermot and she becomes the primary suspect in the investigation of the murder. To complicate the matter more a married couple Simon and Joyce already harbor complaints against Trina.

Actually, Simon becomes obsessed with Trina, turning into the territory of stalker and also offered her financial support. On the other hand, Joyce desperately attempts to regain the control of her marriage by advising her husband to cut the ties with Trina. Absurdly, Joyce also appears obsessed with Trina. The narrative also dives into Laura’s life who is one of Dermot’s clients from his job as social worker. Laura believes she has a close bond with him but the truth is far from what she thinks. The novel also features Dermot’s sister who is also a university colleague of Trina, creating a volatile mix revolving around the unfortunate and untimely death of Dermot.

The Killing Kind by Sarah K. Stephens

The Killing Kind’s story has multiple perspectives, it employs gripping writing as well as fast-paced narrative that mesmerizes the readers right from the start. There are some unexpected turns and twists and it changes flawlessly from a murder mystery to dramatic saga. What makes this novel intriguing is the utter madness of the characters features in this. There are no good people in this novel and each one of them possesses their own madness. It covers one-night stands, people blaming one another for their tragic lives as housewives and unusual pregnancies. It is an uncontrolled as well as erratic story. Trina seems to be the only one who looks normal amidst this group. All in all, The Killing Kind by Sarah K. Stephens is a fast-paced thriller that takes you into the drama of disturbed characters.

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