Mastering the Art of Novel Writing – 5 Essential Tips for Success



Writing a novel is a time-taking and intimidating task which prevents many of the authors from even taking a start. If you have ever faced any challenges translating your ideas from your mind to the paper then you are not alone as it is a normal part of the writing process. You need to have strong believe in your idea and need to be patient. In order to write a successful novel here are five handy tips that you should follow.

Use your life experiences:


Generating the idea for your novel can be drawn from your own life experiences. It does not mean that you will have to write an autobiography but combining the elements inspired by your experiences can make your writing feel more authentic. The firsthand knowledge of yours for certain characters or situations will shine through your writing thus creating a stronger connection with your audience.

Write What you Know:

Avoid writing on anything unless you have researched on the specific topic thoroughly. Readers will surely notice if you lack the understanding about a certain event. For example, if you decide to write a historical fiction, you need to ensure that you extensively research time period to maintain the historical accuracy. Even irrelevant or unimportant details or the objects in your story should also align with the selected historical context.

Consider a Creative Writing Degree:

If you are serious about improving your writing skills and coming up with a bestselling novel, pursuing a degree in creative writing can be very handy. By attending the course, you can learn different writing techniques and receive the guidance from experienced professionals. Concerns about the expenses of the college are genuine but there are student loans from private lenders are also available.

Prepare for Criticism:

It must be noted that not everyone will appreciate your work as there are critics of some of the most famous books as well. Recognizing this fact early on will prevent you from unnecessary disappointment and time that has been wasted. Literature is subjective and there will always be someone who won’t like your work. Focus on the constructive criticism and positive feedback that you will receive.

Embrace Fearlessness:

Publishing a novel is quite a risky affair and it requires some courage. You need to trust your own instincts. Writing an advice is plentiful and often inconsistent. You need to trust your intuition. Writing world always rewards originality, but being original demands some courage.

By following these five tips you can improve your writing skills and you can overcome initial hurdles and increase your chances of writing successful novel.


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