The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman Review – Embracing Life’s Complexities

The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

The Goodness of Bad by Ravi Raman

The Goodness of Bad is a very fascinating book that tells us the life story of Ravi Raman. It is a mix of personal diary and an important lesson for everyone. In this book, Ravi has told his readers that being responsible does not mean that you are required to give up everything for your loved ones. It is all about guiding them how to enjoy the life to its fullest. He has also told his readers that strong bonds between family members do not depend on the rules of society but it depends on every family member being true to themselves.

The book is composed of some colorful stories from the life of Ravi in India. Even during the toughest of times, Ravi has learned the important life lessons that can put a smile on the reader’s face even in the darkest of times. The life of Ravi was not an ideal one from start. He has shared his experiences from childhood to present times. For me it took some time to get into this book but once I did, I was astonished by the interesting relationship and events that unraveled. One of the exciting aspects of this book is that even though all the content written in it is true but it looks like a very gripping story. The writing style of Ravi has made the reader feel that he/she is on the same journey with him.

Throughout the book, Ravi has show immense love towards his wife, showing us the true beauty of a husband-wife relationship. His unconditional support as well as understanding is unmatchable. Despite huge challenges in his life, Ravi has shown great resilience and he remained strong as well as determined to make best of every tough situation. He has encouraged his reader through this book to face all our challenges bravely and be honest to ourselves.

All in all, The Goodness of Bad is not just a story of a single person, it is actually a guide for each one of us. The lessons from the life of Ravi teaches us to be true to ourselves and cherish every moment with our family. It is a wonderful book that shows us value of being ourselves and appreciating love of family. It is a story that will remain with you in testing times and will make to see the life with w new perspective.

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