Sixteen by Ritika Kashyap Review – A Heart-Wrenching Tale of Resilience and Hope

Sixteen by Ritika Kashyap

Sixteen by Ritika Kashyap

Molestation is a very terrible violation of the boundaries of a person. It can cause some really deep scars that can last for the whole life. BY turning our eyes off from this monstrous act can have destructive results, perpetuating the trauma for the victim and letting the perpetrator to harm others as well. In this book titled “Sixteen” by Ritika Kashyap, the readers follow the emotional journey of Ritika who is a teenage girl and whose life has been shattered by molestation. This novel explores different themes of abuse, power of hope and resilience.

The story starts with a young girl named Ritika who is trying to escape from her troubled past. She finds herself in more dangerous situation with not a single person to help her. Kashyap has portrayed Ritika’s loneliness and vulnerability in a very skillful manner. The story revolves around the traumatic experience of molestation which lead her to run away from Mumbai seeking for the safety. The author digs deep into Ritika’s emotional turmoil showing her struggles with fear.

The author has portrayed a very raw and honest journey of Ritika and it allows the readers to understand her inner thoughts as well as her feelings. The author has handled this sensitive topic of abuse very carefully and empathically, focusing more on resilience of Ritika and healing rather than dramatizing of violence. Mumbai’s setting has added an extra layer of challenge to the journey of Ritika.

The novel not only discusses the lasting impact of molestation but it also emphasizes on the need to break the silence and seek support. The author’s powerful narrative as well as well-portrayed characters make this an amazing read. Through the journey of Ritika, readers can witness strength as well as resilience of young girl fighting to rise above her shadiest moments and regain her life.

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