The Fractured Tree by Justin Wheatley Review – Unmasking the Shadows of High Finance

The Fractured Tree by Justin Wheatley

The Fractured Tree by Justin Wheatley

The Fractured Tree by Justin Wheatley is an enthralling financial thriller that fascinates the readers with its awesome premise as well as relatable characters. The story is set in London and it revolves around the relentless pursuit of profit and it raises the concerns about the direction of the society.

The plot also follows Sebastian who is 24 years old who enters into the world of high finance when he receives the job letter from Edouard de Tocqueville, a very powerful financier. This opportunity was a dream come true but Sebastian finds himself facing the challenges he never expected. As Sebastian is travelling the world with Edouard attending confidential meetings and learning about the monetary operations. He is tempted by the power as well as wealth that come with new position. However, he has become blind to disastrous results of his actions.

The author Justin Wheatley balances the financial aspect of the thriller without overwhelming with jargon very skillfully. He has broken down the intricate financial concepts into an understandable language, making it accessible to all the readers. The storytelling of this book is very skillful and masterful, maintaining the intensity as well as tension throughout. The short chapters of the novel keep the readers engaged as well as eager to know what happens next. The writing of Wheatley not just entertains but also educated the readers.

On a conclusive note, we can say that The Fractured Tree is a staggering as well as believable story that keep the readers interested. The captivating story-telling of Justin Wheatley makes this awesome thriller and a must-read for anyone who enjoys the tales of high finance full of suspense.

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