Excavations by Kate Myers Review – A Hilarious Adventure in Greece

Excavations by Kate Myers

Excavations by Kate Myers

Excavations by Kate Myers is an interesting novel that lets you discover the summer adventure like no other that has been set in Greece. In this novel four different women stumble upon an astonishing artifact that should not exist. As they go in the past, they unleash the secrets to their own futures. These four women has unraveled a mysterious relic on an archaeological site where ancient Olympics began right in the middle of Greece.

The four women are Kara, Elisa, Patty and Z who are colleagues and have been brought together on an exciting excavation. They find themselves united in this staggering quest despite their differences. Kara is a conservator who has just walk out of her wedding. Patty has a unique bowl cut, desires for love. Z is a millennial who has faced another challenge after being fired. On the other hand, Elise is a star excavator who prefers privacy and is about to make a bold move.

As they dig deep into the truth behind this discovery and mystery that man has tried to conceal. They have been dodging the deep-rooted connections for many years but now they need to set a side their personal struggles for one summer. Join them in their entertaining journey as they excavate not only ancient artifacts but also bonds of friendship. This intriguing novel takes the readers into a roller coaster ride of laughter and self-discovery. You will support all these awesome characters with every turn of the page.

The author has written a staggering story with some witty dialogue as well as unexpected twists. This novel is perfect for the readers who are looking for an interesting and appealing read. This book will leave you with renewed appreciation for potential of unforeseen connections. All in all, Excavations by Kate Myers is an awesome read that reminds us the deep discoveries of life that come when people open themselves to the possibilities of friendship, love and shared purpose.

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