The Runaway Kid by Jayanta Ray Review – A Tale of Struggle and Hope

The Runaway Kid by Jayanta Ray

The Runaway Kid by Jayanta Ray

Runaway Kid by Jayanta Ray is an awesome example of social realism literature. This writing piece has shown the hard aspects of life in a realistic way. It started in 1800s and wanted to show injustice and how difficult the life was for the workers. The stories included in this book tells the readers about the sad part of life for the normal people. The issues discussed in it are like being poor, not being treated equally and also treated badly. With these stories you can make the society a better place.

In the book The Runaway Kid, the author Jayanta Ray has told a very powerful story about how life was in rural Bihar in the 70s. the story revolves around Bhola who is a young boy and has to leave home because he fights a bad guy who was hurting his mother. After this Bhola was on the run, trying to find safe place for living and staying away from police. As Bhola grows up, he realizes that this life is very cruel for the poor and weak. He learns new lessons from Ajoy and Lala and then becomes a voice for the ones who suffer. Bhola believes that you can fight against the unfairness and makes things a lot better for yourself.

The strong part of this story is that how it shows the life in mining town. The author has described how dangerous the mines are. The story also shows different symbols like rainbow to show things can get better even in difficult times. The characters in this book are very well described, Bhola is a very strong main character who had suffered a lot and has grown as a person. His friendship with Ajoy and Lala has changed him and help him understand the world in a better way. All in all, The Runaway Kid is a very powerful book that discusses the difficult times in life.

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