Silence Has Secrets by Nayan Malek Review – Exploring Depth and Impact

Silence Has Secrets by Nayan Malek

Have you ever come across a book that after reading you felt it is unlike anything that you have gone through before? It is a book which will make you feel that you are going to experience something very intense. That is exactly I felt once I read Silence Has Secrets by Nayan Malek. The story of this book is about deep as well as difficult aspects of life, struggle, abuse and depression. You can easily balance all these emotions when external factors disturb our peace. This is exactly what the main character Rajan experiences both in his mind as well as in reality.

The book tarts with a shocking fight between students in college. The very next day, one of the students, Ranjan is found naked and assaulted. He has forgotten everything of past. The story revolves around the investigation and takes some unexpected turns. The remarkable thing is that the author has handled such intense topic with ease. The characters as well as the gripping story has made it very hard to put the book down. The author has used a unique approach to focus on the victims rather than culprits. He has shown us that how the victims have tried to heal and move on after such gruesome and tragic incidents. We will get to know what they think, what circumstances they face and how the society reacts to them.

“Silence Has Secrets” is a stirring story about growing up. Ranjan’s tale has an unvarnished, real quality. In fiction, the topic of dealing with trauma and assault is rarely explored. The book poses significant queries about morality, accountability, and religion. All in all, Silence Has Secrets book is an awesome book to read. It has very intense and thought-provoking theme. If you are interested in such heavy subjects that this book is a must read for you.

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