Becoming by Michelle Obama Review – A Powerful Memoir

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming by Michelle Obama_1

Becoming is a remarkable memoir by Michella Obama that provides an honest sight into life of an astonishing woman. Unlike the majority of memoirs, this book is not meant to inspire or create controversy. The power of this memoir lies in the honest portrayal of a woman who has played an extraordinary role in this world.

Michelle Obama is a woman with nerves of steel. She is famous for her determination, independence and strength. This memoir also touches her humble, kind and sympathetic side. This book has also mentioned some moment where she felt insecure. It shows Michelle’s journey from the early days to becoming the First Lady of United States. The story of Michelle Obama is very emotional and touching. She dismisses the most common question asked to children about what are they going to become when they grow up, noting that growth is a continuous and ongoing process and it is not confined to one specific moment. This perspective reflects Michelle’s insightful outlook on life.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

The impact of Michelle Obama as First Lady reaches far behind her role. She emphasized on the importance of advocating for the ones who lack support. She gives a strong voice to oppressed women and minorities by using her influence and position to help the ones who are in need. Throughout her time in White House, Michelle Obama aimed to connect with the public on human level. She is very open about her quirks, childhood, flaws and concerns makes Michelle more commendable.

All in all, Becoming is a gripping memoir that unleashes the stunning journey of Michelle. This memoir is not just the story of success, but also a story of hope, empathy and growth. Her story teaches us that our paths are always evolving and it is all up to us to shape the world as it should be. The book is a must read for the ones who are looking for insight into life of a successful woman who has made a long-lasting impact on the society.

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