Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus Review – Discover the Captivating Blend of Science and Society

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Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus is an impressive book that tells the tale of a woman named Elizabeth Zott and her journey to achieve her dreams in USA of 1960s. This is the debut novel of Bonnie Garmus which was published in 2022. It gained instant popularity because of its engaging characters, thrilling plot and the way it combines the science with words of society. This book is 300 pages long and it manages the readers glued to it till its end.

The story of this book is set in Northern California during 60s. Elizabeth is a single mother with PhD in chemistry who works at a gas station in order to support her son named Calvin. Despite her high qualifications, she faces very limited job options due to societal restrictions on women during that time. However, Elizabeth has big goals and she transforms the show by incorporating the fun chemistry experiments into her cooking demonstrations. Throughout the whole story Elixabeth faces many difficulties because of her gender, she faced extreme sexism of that era, where women were not taken seriously. She fights against the norms, determined to follow her passion and share her scientific knowledge with the whole world.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus_1

The author, Bonnie Garmus has brought 60s California setting to life very skillfully with cast of characters that feels very relatable. The interactions of Elizabeth with her son Calvin are very emotional and touching. This book includes historical figures as it adds sense of realism to the story. The book also explores the difficulties Elizabeth encounters as a working mother and the struggles she faces as a result of societal expectations. These challenges still apply to modern problems even though they were established in the past. With this book, Garmus demonstrates her mastery of storytelling while maintaining a balance between historical accuracy and timeless themes.

Elizabeth’s unusual decisions add tension and drama as the plot develops. Readers are kept interested by her conflicts with societal norms and internal struggles, and they are given hope by her unwavering spirit and commitment to her son. It is praiseworthy that “Lessons in Chemistry” successfully combines historical fiction, instruction, and entertainment. In addition to telling a gripping story, Bonnie Garmus’s book educates readers on social issues and scientific concepts. The book appeals to a broad audience thanks to its likable characters, enlightening commentary, and charming storytelling.

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