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Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer

Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer

Science fiction is a storytelling type which takes the readers to incredible journeys which are far behind what anyone can imagine. It is a magical door that takes reader to strange places, where we meet some unusual creatures and explore some breathtaking gadgets and gizmos. Science fiction stories always attract the readers, whether you enjoy the epic adventures in outer space. Agent SHARP by Bakchod Writer is one of the thrilling science fiction books that transports you to a different universe. It is a quirky universe with a Galaxy named Funny Way and a planet known as Roeayt.

In this thrilling adventure, the readers follow the journey of Saros Ketar who is a rwgular man who works in customer service. But his life takes a dramatic turn when the tragedy strikes. His family has been kidnapped by a terrorist group named Ralakat. Saros finds very soon that he has been caught up in a chaotic situation and he becomes the target of the same terrorists who destroyed his world. But that is not the end, he has been roped into genetics experiment after mysterious injection. He has got some superpowers and these powers make him super valuable to Anti-Ralakat Force. As Saros is now part of ARF, he met Kyani who is also an agent with her own set of skills as well as secrets.

All the characters in Agent SHARP are very diverse and each one of them is with his own set of strengths and weaknesses. They experience some significant changes that shapes the direction of the story. At start, Saros is an ordinary guy but as the story unleashes, he transforms into a great hero. All the other characters also evolve in reply to the challenges that they face and this will keep you glued, wondering what will be their next move.

The science fiction thriller “Agent SHARP” by Bakchod Writer is superb. It combines an intriguing plot with well-rounded characters and excellent storytelling. “Agent SHARP” is a must-read regardless of whether you enjoy science fiction or are simply looking for a gripping new book. Prepare for an interstellar journey as you explore the amazing world of science fiction literature.

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