Ghosts of the Silent Hills by Anita Krishan Review – Unveiling the Subtle Chills

Ghosts of the Silent Hills

Ghosts of the Silent Hills

“Ghosts of the Silent Hills” by Anita Krishan is an impressive book that has got many ghost stories which are rooted in everyday reality than the traditional horror. The author has described the cruelty of the power dynamics within the households. The stories are set in various locations of India and Australia like Shimla, Delhi and Assam etc.

The writing style of Anita Krishan is very impressive with a gothic style in the background. It the stories the relationships between the servants and their employers have been discussed in detail, revealing the tensions as well as complexities that often arise. The locks and keys in the stories symbolize much more than physical barriers, adding additional layer of conspiracy to the narrative. The author reluctantly believes in the ghosts and her stories are not driven by the blind belief but is by an imaginative exploration of super natural.

Despite having a familiar structure, the book manages to surprise readers with unexpected turns that subvert the genre in interesting and compelling ways. Specifically, the tales “An Uncanny Attachment,” “The Hospital Room,” “Lonely in Death,” “A Girl’s Mission,” and “The Lodge” stand out as exceptional examples of masterfully crafted ghost stories that expertly combine elements of the supernatural and the real world.

On a conclusive note, we can say that Ghosts of the Silent Hills is an ideal book for the ones who are looking for the ghost stories. It has been full of complex details of everyday life and a smell of paranormal. This book is an impressive read and for the ones who love paranormal activities this book is a must-read

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