Bliss of Childhood by Pushpak Sarkar Review – The Bliss of Childhood, a Captivating Tale of Growing Up Amidst Political Unres

Bliss of Childhood by Pushpak Sarkar

Bliss of Childhood by Pushpak Sarkar

Historical fictions are unique stories that will mix your personal struggles along with the historical events. These stories take us in the past to understand the challenges as well as joys of growing up during the crucial and important moments in history. Some of the novels focus on societal problems like wars, political unrest and civil rights movements while others explore the self-discovery and personal challenges.

Bliss of Childhood by Pushpak Sarkar is an impressive novel that follows the journey of Tito who is an eleven years old boy and like poetry during the tempestuous political times of 1970s in India. Alongside the personal struggles of Tito, this novel highlight wider issues of corruption and authoritarianism in country. The story is all about funny childhood memories, first love experience and all the challenges of growing up. The book has got diverse characters and each one of them adds depth and perspective to the narrative. The father of Tito serves as the role model as well as a source of conflict. This novel depicts the themes of innocence, political unrest as well as creativity. Though the growth of Tito from an adolescent boy to mature teenager, readers witness self-reflection power and personal development.

Pushpak Sarkar is famous for his experience in corporate world and in empire of literature. His previous work touches the topics like Big Data and now with The Bliss of Childhood, he has intertwined the complications of human experience with emotional story of childhood among political turmoil. All in all, Childhood Happiness is a book that brings nostalgia and entertainment. It shows the innocence as well as chaos of the past and it shows the power of hope and resilience.

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