Sing Me to Sleep by Gabi Burton Review – Dive into the Alluring Fantasy

sing me to sleep by gabi burton

sing me to sleep by gabi burton

Sing Me to Sleep is a book I definitely want to get my hands on this year. Needless to say, there are sirens and illusions. Is there any reason not to love? I received a copy from Bloomsbury ahead of the book’s release and couldn’t wait to dive in.

The story follows Saoirse, the last remaining mermaid in a kingdom cut off from the world by a wall. He must hide his true identity to protect his adoptive family, so he wears a magical mask by day and does shady things for a mysterious boss at night. Things get even more complicated when he is forced to join the Royal Guard and risks revealing the royal family’s secrets or risking his sister’s safety. To make matters worse (or maybe even better?), the prince seems to like her, despite his best efforts to hide it.

Now that Saoirse is only 17, I was a little worried about how the book would handle her mermaid side without it becoming too adult. But Gabi Burton knows how to keep it interesting without crossing the line. Soares has charm, but not in your face. The real highlight of the book is the relationship between the Sauers and Prince Hayes. The back and forth are just right without being too wordy or overwhelming for the main plot. So, when we tried to open his black mail, we went the dark things and went to Sairs. He struggles with demons and knows that his instincts will make them monsters. Additionally, the author has excellent chemistry with the supporting actors. Each of them has its own history and character, which is not always easy to achieve. The world building is also well done, with just enough information to keep things interesting without overwhelming readers. All in all we can say that Sing Me To Sleep is a fast-paced debut with loads of twists and turns. This is a book that will surely impress you.

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