Review: “Jimmy and the Crawler” by Raymond E. Feist

Raymond E. Feist’s “Jimmy and the Crawler,” part of “The Riftwar Legacy” series, is a thrilling fantasy novella that expands upon the epic Riftwar Saga universe. Published in 2013, this installment follows the adventures of Jimmy the Hand, a beloved character from previous novels, as he navigates intrigue, danger, and personal growth in the vibrant world of Midkemia.

Plot Overview

Set in the aftermath of the Riftwar, “Jimmy and the Crawler” begins with Jimmy the Hand, now a middle-aged man and former thief, seeking a quieter life away from the political machinations of Krondor. However, when Jimmy’s past catches up with him in the form of an old enemy known as the Crawler, he is thrust back into a world of danger and uncertainty.

As Jimmy confronts the Crawler’s sinister plans and grapples with his own inner demons, he must rely on old allies and newfound friends to unravel a mystery that threatens the stability of Midkemia. Along the way, he discovers unexpected alliances and faces formidable adversaries, testing his skills and resilience in ways he never imagined.

Themes Explored

“Jimmy and the Crawler” explores themes of redemption, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s actions. Raymond E. Feist delves into Jimmy’s character with depth and nuance, depicting his journey from a streetwise thief to a reluctant hero burdened by his past. The novella examines the impact of personal choices on one’s destiny and the enduring bonds forged in times of adversity.


Jimmy the Hand is portrayed as a charismatic and resourceful protagonist whose wit and cunning are matched only by his sense of honor and loyalty. Feist’s skillful characterization brings Jimmy to life, capturing his complexities and vulnerabilities as he navigates the challenges of leadership and self-discovery. Supporting characters, including familiar faces from the Riftwar Saga and new additions to the cast, enrich the narrative with their distinct personalities and roles in Jimmy’s quest.

Writing Style and Atmosphere

Raymond E. Feist’s prose is marked by its vivid imagery, dynamic action sequences, and intricate world-building. The novella’s setting in Midkemia is brought to life with atmospheric detail, from bustling city streets to ancient dungeons and magical realms. Feist seamlessly blends elements of high fantasy with gritty realism, creating a narrative that is both immersive and emotionally resonant.

Reception and Legacy

“Jimmy and the Crawler” has been well-received by fans of the Riftwar Saga for its engaging storyline, memorable characters, and seamless integration into Feist’s expansive universe. Readers have praised Feist’s ability to revisit familiar themes and settings while introducing fresh perspectives and challenges for beloved characters like Jimmy the Hand. The novella’s exploration of personal growth and the enduring allure of Midkemia continues to captivate readers seeking new adventures in fantasy literature.


In “Jimmy and the Crawler,” Raymond E. Feist delivers a compelling tale of adventure, redemption, and the enduring spirit of heroism in the Riftwar Saga universe. Through Jimmy the Hand’s journey of self-discovery and perilous quests, Feist invites readers to revisit familiar landscapes and encounter new mysteries that expand upon the rich tapestry of Midkemia. This novella stands as a testament to Feist’s storytelling prowess and his ability to captivate audiences with timeless tales of courage and destiny.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Riftwar Saga or new to Feist’s captivating world of Midkemia, “Jimmy and the Crawler” promises an exhilarating reading experience that transports you to realms of magic, intrigue, and heroic deeds.

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