Marco, Pablo, & Olivia by Ana Cortes Review – A Heartwarming Tale of Sibling Bonds and New Beginnings

Marco, Pablo, & Olivia

Its always very adventurous and exciting to move into new house but it can also be disturbing sometimes, especially for the children who leave behind the familiar homes, play areas and the memories. The book Marco, Pablo, & Olivia by Ana Cortes is about three kids Marco, Pablo and Olivia and their parents who move to a new location in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Marco, Pablo, & Olivia

At first the siblings got excited upon seeing the new home and thought of decorating their own bedrooms. They learn that nearby there is a soccer field and Marco who is the oldest of the siblings wants to go there and play soccer. Then they found out that there will be trials for the soccer team. However, Victor, one of the members of the team does not want Marco to join. He tried to discourage Marco from the trials but Marco is determined to join the team, During the trials Marco’s siblings Olivia and Pablo support him.

The bond between all three of them is very strong and they support each other in every thick and thin. Ana Cortes, the author of the book has used very simple English to describe the relationship between the siblings. The writing is so gripping and the illustrations included in the book are also very impressive.

Marco, Pablo & Olivia by Ana Cortes is a book which is perfect for anyone who is moving to a new location as it discusses about the fears and enthusiasm that comes with such a change. It is a very cheering as well as fun story that will make you feel warm from inside. I will highly recommend this book for the children who are going to move or for the ones who require a reminder that moving to a new place can still be very entertainment.Marco, Pablo, & Olivia_2

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