Hikaru No Go by Yumi Hota review – A Captivating Manga for Children

Hikaru No Go by Yumi Hota

Hikaru No Go by Yumi Hota_2

Hikaru No Go is a very beautiful manga for kids as it teaches some very important lessons as well as values in such a way that it is very easy to understand. The story in this book has its focus on the important aspects like hard work, perseverance and determination which are vital qualities of life. The story revolves around Hikaru who faces many challenges and learns the importance of not giving up at any stage. This lesson is very important for the kids to learn as they explore their own interests and desires.

The manga has got a very gripping storyline that will captivate the readers throughout the reading. Hikaru finds an old Go board in the attic of his grandfather and faces the spirit of Go master from the past, which stimuluses his interest in playing the game. The exciting plot will attract the children who may not be interested in everyday life stories.


Hikaru No Go by Yumi Hota

Apart from the interesting plot, Hikaru No Go introduces the children to traditional Japanese game of Go in a very entertaining way. It makes the children to grasp the concepts of the game. The characters included in this Manga story use their intelligence as well as strategies to outclass other players which will surely inspire the kids to try the game themselves.

The premise of Hikaru no Go is similar to many other boy fighting series like Pokemon, Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh! etc. the protagonist in this story starts his journey as directionless newbie and becomes better progressively after fighting with some powerful enemies. But every time he goes into the new level, there is always a new and a challenging opponent which he has to defeat in order to advance. What distinguishes this manga series from others is that it based on real game and the story od more realistic. Hikaru Shindo teams up with Sai to make an unstoppable Go-playing unit. Now the question is will they be able to defeat Go players who have fully dedicated their lives to the game and Will Sai achieve Divine Move so that he can finally rest in peace.

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