The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey Review

The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey

The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey

The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey is the first book of the gripping series that introduces us to Detective Superintendent named Peter Diamond. This awesome novel takes us to an incredible journey into the mysterious case known as ‘Lady of the Lake’ mystery. The nude body of a woman is found floating in a lake near Bristol which triggers an intricate investigation.

Detective Peter Diamond has been accompanied by his assistant DI John Wigfull and both of them dives into the case staring with the vital task of victim identification. Soon they unleashed the identity as Geraldine Jackman who is a former famous TV actor but now retreated from the public eye. As the investigation progresses, it becomes clear that the death of Gerry was not accidental one. Diamond and Wigfull turns their focus to treating it as a murder. Then they explored the family life in order to reach the potential suspects.

The first and prime suspect of the murder is Professor Gregory Jackman who is Gerry’s husband and a very respected English professor. Gregory claimed that their marriage was not a perfect one and there were differences between both of them and he also said that she attempted to harm him in the past. This added weight into the suspicion.

This book presents the readers with a staggering police procedural as evidence is collected precisely. Witnesses as well as suspects are interviewed and the mystery clarifies logically yet slightly. This book provides an interesting exploration of the politics of police. Peter Diamond faces the consequences of the past case that led to the allegations of extreme force. Throughout the entire story of an interesting difference arises between old-style as well as modern approaches to police work. This novel acknowledges value of contemporary advancements like DNA analysis. All in all, The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey is a captivating novel that features traditional yet captivating detective. It explores clash between various investigative approaches.

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