Dead Man Walking by R J Bishop Review – Unveiling Secrets in 1980’s London

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking is an awesome novel written by R J Bishop which will take you on a stunning journey back in the 80’s London which was a time of mystery. The story revolves around a shocking murder scene where a dead body is found suspended from chapel ceiling decorated with creepy makeup. Now the task of unleashing this paradox falls to Henry Conwell and his mentor, Ezra Danial. As they dig deep into the investigation of horrible murders, they found out that the killings are not isolated incidents but rather a work of individual with personal vendetta.

The author R J Bishop has told a tale that brims with classic elements of mystery as well as procedures of police. The narrative follows experienced detectives as they collect the evidence. The plot is very complex, layered with the twists that keep audience glued to pages. The story is very engaging and very relatable forcing the readers into the core of investigation. Bishop does a fantastic job of capturing the nuanced thoughts of both the main characters’ and supporting characters’ personalities. Each character’s shortcomings, psychological struggles, and unique mindsets are expertly and perceptively depicted. This creates a clear picture of their personalities and encourages readers to feel a strong connection to the characters.

A top-notch crime-mystery book, “Dead Man Walking” checks all the right boxes. The characters are three-dimensional and rooted in reality, and the narrative is brimming with action that rings true. The narrative reflects the complexity of the human experience, especially when faced with extraordinary circumstances.

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