Everyone Here Is Lying by Shari Lapena Review – A Gripping Review of the Domestic Thriller and Procedural

Everyone Here is Lying

Everyone Here is Lying

Whenever there is a news of a missing child, the whole community becomes worried. The family members as well as neighbors have fear that the hidden truth may come out at any time while searching the missing child. In the book Everyone Here is Lying by Shari Lapena, the story revolves around William Wooler who has experienced a breakup and when he returns home he discovers that her 9 years old daughter Avery is alone in kitchen. She was expected to be at choir practice but she is not there. All this led to a furious argument between them and after this William leaves the house. After some time, it is found out that Avery is missing.

The police came and talked to the family as well as neighbors to gather necessary information. To their shock each conversation made the situation more complicated instead of making things clear. The police had to solve out that who is behind secret tip claiming Avery got into teenager’s car? Why William admitted that she saw Avery before she went missing after so long? And why the Avery’s best friend’s brother was spending time with her in treehouse?

Every new development in this mysterious case deepens the mystery and causes more doubts. The book is full of intense suspense, as the author has skillfully revealed the layers of dishonesty as well as betrayal one conversation at a time. The characters in this book might not be likeable but all of them are intense. The story also takes some staggering turns which adds excitement. The book is a thrilling mystery and it provides insights into how the investigations proceed. Some of the readers may feel that the story of this book lacks strong emotional connection. All in all, Everyone Here is Lying is a book that is full of suspense and intrigue.

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