Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney Review – A Captivating Blend of Romance, Politics, and Intrigue

Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney

Made for Petrova by Lauren Kutney

Made for Petrova is a captivating romance novel written by Lauren Kutney that will take you to an impressive journey through a world which is full of politics, secrets and love. The story revolves around Elizabeth Scott who is a very strong-willed woman. Lizzie has stepped into a world which she never expected after saving her brother from a big trouble. She becomes governess for the niece of King Maxwell Worthington.

Lizzie and Maxwell are the core characters of this story. Lizzie is a very intelligent and very loyal to her family. On the other hand, Maxwell faces extreme pressure as he is the last Worthington monarch. The burning romance between Lizzie and Maxwell adds an intriguing layer to the story. There are some supporting characters like the mayor of Boston and Lizzie’s brother and it adds depth as well as context to the narrative. The author’s skills in creating the dynamic as well as realistic characters shines throughout the novel. This novel explores the themes of the duty, family, loyalty as well as identity amidst political intrigue as well as royal lineage. It has challenged the idea of fate and whether individuals can control their lives. Elegant and engaging, Kutney’s writing style immerses you in the narrative through vivid descriptions and fluid dialogue. Each character has a distinct voice, and the narrative moves along without any problems. The narrative style used by Kutney makes for an engrossing and satisfying read.

In conclusion, “Made for Petrova” is a delightful fusion of royal drama, slow-burn romance, and politics. For those who like character-driven stories with a dash of politics and royal intrigue, Kutney is a must-read because of its polished writing, well-crafted characters, and compelling plot. This book is for you if you enjoy long-lasting romantic relationships.

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