Happiness to the Power of Infinity’ by Rohit Sodha Review – Unlocking Happiness

Happiness to the Power of Infinity' by Rohit Sodha

Happiness to the Power of Infinity' by Rohit Sodha

Happiness to the Power of Infinity is a very impressive book written b Rohit Sodha which is intriguing as well as challenging at the same time. The approach of this book is something that sets it apart. It does not assume that there is something which is basically wrong with the reader, instead it provides the practical advice on how you can cultivate the happiness as a skill. According to the author, happiness is not just the state of mind that people born with but its is more like a muscle that can be strengthened through exercise and practice.

The book put some light on the importance of doing small things that bring joy, no matter how insignificant they may look. These little actions can rewire your brains. The quote of Sodha “Happiness is to life what fizz is to soda,” is very powerful reminder that happiness should not be contingent upon acquiring the success. The book encourages the readers to find the happiness in present. In this world where many people are battling with depression it is essential to reconsider how we can not just only make ourselves but also the ones around us happier.

The “HappSys” system, a patented three-step method for leading a happy life, is introduced in the book. It consists of LifeJourney, HappFrame, and HappIndex. These actions offer doable ways to forecast happiness and success and are supported by positive psychology research. Happiness to the Power of Infinity, which draws from philosophy, psychology, economics, evolution, and cognitive science, is a title that effectively conveys the breadth of Sodha’s investigation. It connects various thought strands over centuries.

All in all, “Happiness to the Power of Infinity” is an excellent book for people looking to live happier and more rewarding lives. Drawing from a rich tapestry of knowledge and research, it provides doable suggestions for cultivating happiness. Anyone looking to realize their full potential should read this book, in my opinion.

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