Spare by Prince Harry Review – A Heartfelt Journey into Royal Realities

Spare by Prince Harry

Spare by Prince Harry

Spare, a memoir by Prince Harry will take the readers to a roller coaster ride through his life as member of British royal family. In this book, Prince Harry has shared all the highs and lows that he had experienced. From the tragic loss of his mother i.e., Princess Diana to the challenges of being ‘spare’ heir, Prince Harry’s honesty shines throughout thus making him appear candid.

Harry’s description of losing his mother at the age of twelve is among Spare’s most moving passages. He vividly recalls the moment he learned of her tragic death in a Paris car accident. The effect of royal expectations on his emotions is evident in his numb confusion and inability to cry at her funeral. In the months after Diana’s passing, Harry’s ongoing suffering and longing for her are evident. Unable to accept the harsh reality of her absence, he clung to the hope that she might show up again. His grief is described so vividly that it practically jumps off the page. It is clear from the memoir how Harry’s life was impacted by this early loss. He openly connects this unresolved trauma to his drug and alcohol issues while avoiding quiet moments where unpleasant feelings might come up. In addition, he says that being called the “naughty” prince prevented him from publicly grieving, which led to his rebellious behavior.

Harry, who calls his father King Charles III “Pa,” throughout the book, presents a nuanced portrait of the monarch. Charles, according to him, is emotionally aloof and preoccupied with how people perceive him. Although Harry’s childhood longing for physical affection from his father is heartbreaking, there are also times when he expresses empathy and understanding for Charles’ own difficulties. The book delves into Harry’s bond with Prince William, whom he calls “Willy,” his older brother. Their relationship is a mix of competition and affection, with both warm and tense moments. Harry agrees with William’s request to keep their relationship private at school, illuminating the nuanced nature of their sibling relationships. Harry also discusses the intense pressures and lack of privacy he experienced as a public figure growing up. He criticizes the superficiality of royal life and how he felt like William was using him as a backup, both of which contributed to his sense of isolation.

The media portrays Harry’s military service as a break from his regal obligations. He highlights his disappointment at not being able to serve in Iraq due to safety concerns as he describes the comradery and purpose he found as a young soldier. When Harry talks about his struggles with substance abuse and anger issues in his late 20s, the book is at its most illuminating. These passages are compelling and relatable because he freely acknowledges the need for change and his unhealthy coping mechanisms. A beautiful picture of their courtship and the difficulties they encountered is painted by Harry as he falls in love with Meghan Markle. His support of Meghan in the face of anti-Semitic attacks in the media and their choice to step down from the royal life demonstrate his love and commitment to his family. While “Spare” primarily focuses on Harry’s personal difficulties, it also highlights his charitable endeavors and dedication to significant causes. His work in the fields of mental health, conservation, and veteran support demonstrates his social consciousness and desire to make a difference.

With Harry appearing resentful of royal duties and media scrutiny, some readers may find the book to be self-centered or indulgent. Overall, though, “Spare” paints a nuanced picture of a prince who is authentically flawed. Harry defies the media stereotypes that have long defined him by being remarkably relatable and occasionally amusing.

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