The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Review – Resilience and Dysfunction

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls is an impressive memoir that digs deep into the realms of resilience and redemption while providing eye-opening glimpse into a family that is dysfunctional as well as spirited. At the very base of this memoir is portrayal of Jeannette’s father who is a bright as well as captivating figure whose soberness nurtured minds of his children. However, when the alcohol took the central stage he become dishonest and destructive force. On the other hand the mother of Jeannette showed an essence of free spirit who despised domesticity as well as responsibility of raising a family.

After facing such challenges, the Walls children learned to be self-sufficient and became their own protector as well as providers. Their breath-taking journey led them to New York, where they flourished, while their parents become homeless. A truly remarkable memoir, “The Glass Castle,” chronicles the intense love of an unusual but devoted family. It’s a gripping read that’s challenging to put down because Jeannette Walls uses a remarkable eye for detail to paint a complex picture of their turbulent life.

Even though her children were suffering from terrible living conditions, Jeannette’s mother’s refusal to accept help reveals a lack of responsibility and a form of neglect. While her children suffered, she refused to accept welfare and pursued her artistic goals. Despite these difficulties, the Walls children, under the guidance of Jeannette’s father, manage to get through life with grace, teaching themselves important lessons in the process. Though the father of Jeannette has his fair share of flaws that are because of alcoholism but he has got an attractive character who really wants his kids to have a productive and successful life.

All in all, The Glass Castle is a very impressive as well as thought-provoking book that tells the value of survival skills and capacity to live in difficult circumstances. The autobiography of Jeannette Walls is an imposing examination of human spirit and evidence to the willpower for overpowering obstacles in life.

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