The Secret to a Southern Wedding by Synithia Williams Review – Charming Small-Town Romance

The Secret to a Southern Wedding by Synithia Williams

The Secret to a Southern Wedding by Synithia Williams

I am huge fan of Synithia Williams’s work and whenever there is a new book released from her, you can bet I will be reading it. I have fallen in love with Jackson Fall series and Heart & Soul series of hers. Here is my review about her new offering i.e. The Secret to a Southern Wedding.

The protagonist of this book is Imani who is an OBGYN living in Tampa, Florida. She worked in a hospital where you received the prestigious title of Doctor of the Year just recently. However, Imani discovered it instantly that this appreciation which took her to a seat on a hospital board is just a PR move following the criticism about the diversity. Imani wants to become a voice which makes difference but she finds out that her voice is not being heard that clearly frustrate her.

Imani’s life took an unexpected turn when her mother told her about the wedding to a man whom she was officially dating for just a month. Imani rushed back to her hometown for halting this wedding. Little does she know that an encounter with a very dashing man at a diner will lead her to Cyril Dash who is the son of the man whom her mother is going to marry. Though he eventually decided to back his father, Cyril at first had doubts about his brief romance. Both of them had relocated to Peachtree Cove to begin rebuilding their lives after a few difficult years. In this small town, Cyril found comfort and embraced a new beginning.

Imani is forced to deal with the amusing situation of waking up to Cyril’s morning cooking adventures while only wearing a tiny robe as she negotiates her new reality. Imani is struggling with her own resentment toward her hometown, convinced that it is still mired in its old, narrow ways, as her mother’s personality has changed. She quickly learns, though, that Peachtree Cove has been changing, with Cyril running a well-liked bar with craft beers and Tracy running an inn downtown, in addition to new eateries and cafes opening up. This book is a treat for readers who love stories about small-town romance. You remain interested the entire time because of the humor. Synithia Williams is exceptional at creating mature characters in their thirties and beyond and giving them depth and realism. Drama and wholesome romance are carefully balanced throughout the narrative. Additionally, the supporting cast of characters teases upcoming tales, creating an intriguing tapestry for follow-up films.

Readers who like love stories set in charming small towns will be engrossed by Synithia Williams’ heartwarming and entertaining tale, “The Secret to a Southern Wedding.”. It’s a fun addition to her bibliography, with characters that are relatable and a hint of humor.

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