Ghost Roast by Shawnee and Shawnelle Gibbs Review – Unveiling the Supernatural

Ghost Roast by Shawnee Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs

Ghost Roast by Shawnee Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs

The captivating young adult book “Ghost Roast” captured my attention right away. Chelsea Grant, an adolescent protagonist of the story, finds herself in a difficult situation following an unplanned night out. Serving as her father’s assistant, who specializes in handling paranormal matters, is her punishment.

The way the authors deftly blended New Orleans’ rich history—where the story is set—into the book was something I really liked about it. The story takes an interesting turn thanks to Chelsea’s ability to see and communicate with ghosts, particularly when she tries to shield her newfound ghost friend from her father’s pursuit. The storyline is made more complex by the authors’ deft integration of New Orleans history and Chelsea’s mother’s membership in the Historical Society.

The way Chelsea is portrayed in the book is one of its more novel elements. She’s not the only wealthy Black kid attending an upscale private school, nor is she the stereotypical struggling scholarship student, which is a prevalent theme in many young adult novels. Moreover, it was a refreshing shift that the novel doesn’t spend too much time on how she blended in with her white classmates. Real teenagers can relate to the writers’ ability to handle difficult subjects like hidden narratives and the history of plantations in a light-hearted manner.

Conclusively, “Ghost Roast” is a captivating and expertly written novel that skilfully combines the paranormal with everyday struggles. This novel will enthral young adult readers searching for an original and thought-provoking tale with its captivating plot and complex characters.

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