Full Moon Over Freedom by Angelina M. Lopez Review – Spellbinding Romance in Small-Town America

Full Moon Over Freedom by Angelina M. Lopez

Full Moon Over Freedom by Angelina M. Lopez

We are going to explore the world of romance with Full Moon in Freedom, set in a small town, a large family and a bride.

The story centers on Jillian Armstead-Bancroft’s return to Freedom, Kansas, known as East Side Pride. She left town, followed her master, married a rich white man and became his golden child. But her comeback came after she divorced her emotionally abusive husband, who paid little attention to her children, especially her autistic son. Witch Zilian is on a mission to break a magical curse. The story takes a surprising turn when Jillian reunites with her childhood friend and college dropout, Nikki Mendoza. Angelina Lopez brings suspense with an engaging story with an audiobook narrator that perfectly captures the essence of the story. Nicky and Jillian’s chemistry draws the reader in and forces them to dig deeper into what is going on.

Both of the main characters, Nicky and Jillian, have got dual heritage which are Mexican-American and Anglo-American. They have teamed up for working on a project that aims to celebrate the city’s Mexican-American community and add cultural richness to its history. The interactions of Jillian with her family members add depth and context to the story. As the plot progresses, Nikki struggles with guilt over her brother’s addiction problems, further complicating her character. However, the inclusion of flashbacks at the end of the story may confuse some readers. Nikki’s character, while compelling, lacks the same level of development as Jillian, leaving some aspects of her adult dynamic with her brother unclear. Also, the moment he lies about the deal to get rid of Jillian feels out of place. Despite these minor flaws, Full Moon Over Liberty delivers a delightful blend of magical realism to a sweet second-chance romance. Angelina Lopez’s ability to create erotic scenes and vivid images of small towns make this novel an excellent read for those looking for magical romance. So grab your favorite blanket and immerse yourself in the charm of Liberty, Kansas!

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