Take the Lively Air by Mick Bennett Review – A Tale of Grief, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

Take the Lively Air by Mick Bennett

Take the Lively Air by Mick Bennett

Take the Lively Air by Mick Bennett is a very impressive and thought-provoking book which is about the people dealing with the some of the sad realities of this life like losing your loved ones, making amendments and finding hope. The story has been set in a small town by Jersey Shore. The main characters of this book are Riley, Molly, Klyde and Cloyd. Riley is an English teacher who feels guilty about the death of his wife. Molly is a very strong headed lady who is trying to heal from the betrayal. Klyde is a very smart kid who is facing the harsh realities of life. Cloyd is a very tough guy with some hidden feelings.

While reading this book you will feel yourself present in the town with its detailed descriptions. It talks about all the nice things for example the busy boardwalk and the beach. It also talks about some not so nice things like people not getting along because they are a bit different. But it just does blame one of the sides and it also teaches that people do come across problems and they can find a way out if it. The book illustrates how different people are affected by grief. While Molly tries to move on in a positive way and Cloyd becomes angry, Riley places the blame on himself. It serves as a reminder that managing sadness requires effort and time.

Another important theme is forgiveness. Riley must find forgiveness in order to put an end to a dispute, and Darlene comes to understand how to do so. It has been demonstrated that forgiveness has the ability to bind people together and promote healing. Reconciliation, which refers to mending rifts in relationships, is also discussed in the book. It demonstrates how dialogue, mutual respect, and teamwork are preferable to conflict and personal blame.

In a nutshell, “Take the Lively Air” is a heartwarming tale about real people dealing with difficult situations. It shows us that we are capable of finding ways to reconcile and heal even in trying circumstances. We are all human, and when we try, we can all improve things, as Mick Bennett’s storytelling style makes clear.

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